XXIX SUCCESS EVENT - Interactive Event with Alan S. Gassman

Date: Friday, October 16, 2020
Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm
Location: Zoom Meeting
Speaker: Alan S. Gassman




October 16, 2020

9 am to 12 noon

FEE: $50.00


An interactive event with Alan S. Gassman and Naples friends and colleagues

All paying attendees will receive a free one-year subscription to EstateView Estate Tax Planning Projection and Illustration Software developed by Alan Gassman and Jerry Hesch.  This is a $199 value.  EstateView allows planners to easily illustrate annual gifting, life insurance trust planning, and installment sales to grantor trusts with many variables and client-friendly customized explanation letters. It works only on PCs (not Apple) and does not show state estate or inheritance taxes.

We will be covering the following topics:

1.  The Biden Two-Step (Installment Sale Planning).

The Biden Two-Step - How to explain the use of an installment sale to a defective grantor trust as a first step and the possible forgiveness or gift of a promissory note in case estate tax exemptions will be significantly reduced - a review of lesser-known issues and planning opportunities that involve installment sales.

2. The TEAPOT Trust for IRA planning.

TEAPOT TRUST - (Tax Effective Accumulation POT Trust) An efficient two trust method of managing and paying out IRA and pension benefits when there are multiple beneficiaries with different tax brackets and a desire to treat descendants "equally", despite tax brackets and other issues that may arise.

4.  Charitable Planning Opportunities You Didn't Know About

To be well versed in charitable planning techniques that are not well known or understood.  This presentation will cover a number of very effective but not often used charitable giving arrangements that have tax and practical advantages over traditional methods, including the donor controlled business entity arrangements, non qualifying/incomplete charitable trusts, private operating foundations and special and charitable lead trusts that have uses and advantages for generous donors. 

5.  Favorite Trust Clauses You Never Saw Before 

Provisions to be reviewed and provided include the following:

  1. Safety latch and Ulysses provisions to prevent a revocable trust from being amended without consent of trusted individuals or physician clearance;
  2. Provisions to discourage troublesome beneficiaries from challenging trust provisions or pursing possible causes of action against trustees and advisors;
  3. Preventing the horrific situation of a client who may have signed a living trust, but not an adequate or working pour-over Will;
  4. Clauses that can enable trust and estate lawyers to be selected to serve as fiduciaries by the beneficiaries if and when appropriate;
  5. Overflow provisions so that excess contributions to trusts that would cause federal estate tax can instead go to marital or charitable savings trusts;
  6. Provisions to provide that a beneficiary of a trust that makes a contribution to it will not have the right to benefit from the assets or income resulting from such contribution;
  7. Thorough time-tested language for comprehensive handling of trusts for addicted or special needs beneficiaries;
  8. Scrivener protector provisions which enable a drafting law firm to correct ambiguities and clerical or other errors without court involvement or consent of troublesome beneficiaries;

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